The journey started more than two years ago when Dan Reichley (a stand out teacher for Seton Catholic Schools) ran into Luke of Durbin Real Estate at a local event in Richmond, IN.  Dan described to Luke the work he has been doing for the last several years with St. Vincent De Paul to help those in need with furniture and basic housing needs.  The passion running through Reichley was evident as Durbin listened to him speak, however, the need for St. Vincent to help our local residents and the rate at which they were receiving and donating furniture was almost overwhelming. 

Reichley and a group of men from the Catholic community would spend most weekends loading, unloading, and delivering furniture from a small warehouse donated by the State Hospital.  Although it felt great to help those needing furniture for a fresh start, he just couldn't stop the feeling of wanting to help more.  Reichley knew that what they were doing had to be more than just delivering furniture. 

Passing by an abandoned laundromat for years as it set empty was routine. Reichley did not give much thought on his daily route to and from work until the feeling came over him one day to pull in.  From that point, the vision was clear. He was going to organize and grow the local services to the community. 

Looking at several buildings before making the decision, Reichley kept going back to the laundromat.  When the phone call came into Durbin Real Estate, the message was absolute, "Luke, I don't have a clue how I am going to do this, but find out who owns that building.  I'm going to organize our group, raise the money, and we are buying that building."  With the help of one of their leading members, Toney Talbert, the rest is history.

St. Vincent will now renovate and bring life back to the laundromat located at 1000 South E Street, generating even more positive activity to the South side of Richmond.  When completed, St. Vincent will be able to further help those who may need assistance with basic needs, such as, washing their clothes or learning to balance a check book, all free of charge.  Meals are in the plan to be available as the group continues to grow, along with several other services, all while still being able to provide the furniture needs that started this whole process.

According to the St Vincent de Paul website, it was founded in 1833 and inspired by gospel values. St Vincent de Paul Society is an international organization of Catholic men and women joined together in spiritual growth through service to those who are in need and suffering. The tri-parish group serves the needy of Wayne, Union, and Fayette counties to fulfill  two great commandments— Love God and Love Thy Neighbor. Volunteers and members assist people in need and do not discriminate against political, religious, and cultural beliefs. 

For more information on how you can become involved or make a donation email Dan or Tony:

Dan Reichley Email:  or Tony Talbert Email:

Durbin Real Estate would like to thank St. Vincent de Paul, Dan Reichley, Tony Talbert and the several other volunteers that helped make this possible, such as Robbie Falcone, who inspected the electricity to make sure it could meet their needs.  Chris Becker who conducted the Phase One assessment to insure the building was safe to pursue. Jason Wise, the building owner who was patient during the process, allowing the group to raise funds and the countless others that made this possible for the community.


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