Durbin Real Estate recently completed negotiations bringing full-time jobs immediately to Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana with the possibility of more to come! The deal will help restore and bring life back to 9,500 square foot located at 3244 Chester Blvd that has long since lost its luster when Ryder Truck Maintenance vacated several years ago. The owners look to seize the opportunity by running a reliable, experienced, reasonably priced heavy truck repair shop to open and service not only Richmond, but any commercial vehicle coming down the I-70 corridor. The new site will provide greater visibility and more room to grow for the business. Durbin Real Estate would like to welcome A.J. Trucker Center to our community!   

Indiana is home to 8,500 manufacturing facilities and the highest concentration of manufacturing jobs in the U.S., supporting one in five jobs. Manufacturers in Indiana have added 107,300 new jobs since July 2009, ranking No. 2 in the nation and growing at a rate of 25 percent. 

A.J. Trucker Center, is a resource to keep commercial vehicles on the road safely to promote and enrich commerce. A.J. Truck Center is a diesel repair shop that companies can rely on to keep trucks on the road and product moving to consumers. A.J. Trucker Center will begin looking to hire a knowledgeable mechanic immediately. Shortly, they are looking forward to growing into a full staff that will support around-the-clock service. 

To conduct your business with A.J. Trucker Center or to look into employment opportunities, please contact Jessica at 317-552-8550 or email ajtruckcenter@outlook.com.

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