Durbin Real Estate recently completed the final puzzle piece for Team Gear Printing's successful run on the East Side of Richmond by selling the building the company has operated in for more than 10 years.  The over 8,000 square foot building located at 4714 National Road East was the last piece of business for owners Tony and Cindy Mendenhall as they were approached last year about their business.  "I was approached by Houston Manufacturing and Design, and they asked if I would ever be interested in selling the business. At the time, I had never really thought about it. From there, we just kept talking and negotiating, and we finally agreed to terms on selling in October of 2020. It all just kind of worked out. God works in mysterious ways." says Tony.

Richmond and Wayne County Schools have come to depend on Tony and his team over the years.  If you play or watch sports from the youth, high school and college level, odds are you've seen his work on all the kids jerseys. 

Team Gear Printing was started in December of 2010. Tony and Cindy bought the screen-printing department from the old Kessler’s Team Sports (BSN Sports). BSN Sports made a decision at the time that they no longer wanted to own any decorating service. Since Tony had worked for Kessler’s Team Sports, starting November of 2000, he took the opportunity and bought the business with his knowledge on how the business all worked, and felt confident that he could be successful.  He and his wife Cindy then purchased the East side location and they enjoyed the ride working with the community.

4714 National Road East

As of today, Team Gear Printing will be moving to Houston Manufacturing and Design, located on Straightline Pike on the south side of Richmond. They currently have 7 employees and all will keep their jobs by keeping the company in Richmond, however once things get moved over and business starts picking up by Spring, they will be adding more people.

Tony will continue with the new ownership as he was hired to run the operation and grow the business even further. He will continue to manage the employees and run the basic day to day operations of Team Gear Printing.

For 10 years, Tony was proud to own and operate Team Gear Printing. "I felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity afforded to me during my time as an owner. It was a difficult decision to sell, but Houston Manufacturing and Design has a vision and the ability to grow Team Gear Printing even more! They want to continue to expand the business and make it bigger and better than ever. He’s very excited about the direction it’s headed and for the future of the company", Tony said.

As for the building Team Gear once operated, the new owners have hired Durbin Real Estate to help guide them through the renovation process and begin looking for new qualified tenants.  If you or someone you know may be interested in learning more about the opportunity of locating your business to the East Side of Richmond, IN., reach out!

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